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Gruiformes - Coots, Cranes, Rails

purple gallinule


 Phylum: Chordata
 Class: Aves
 Order: Gruiformes

purple gallinuleThere are 11 families in this order with about 226 species. The birds in this order come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Many species are brown, gray, and white, but some species, like the purple gallinule are more brightly colored. Most species are wading birds and fly with their necks out and their feet stretched out behind them.

Most of the species live and nest on the ground both parents incubate the eggs and care for the chicks. Chicks are precocial and feed themselves shortly after hatching. Males and females usually look alike.

galleryGruiformes Photo Gallery


  Aramidae (limpkin)
  Cariamidae (seriemas)
  Eurypygidae (sunbittern)
  Gruidae (cranes)
  Heliornithidae (finfoots)
  Mesitornithidae (mesites)

  Otididae (bustards)
  Phorusrhacidae (terror birds)
  Psophiidae (trumpeters)
  Rallidae (coots and rails)
  Rhynochetidae (kagu)