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Cariamidae - Seriemas



 Phylum: Chordata
 Class: Aves
 Order: Gruiformes
 Family: Cariamidae

seriemaThere are two species in this family of birds, the red-legged seriema and the black-legged seriema. They are found in grasslands in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil.

They are a little over two feet tall and have a long neck; long legs; a long, squared tail and a small, curved bill. They also have a unique crest at the base of their bill, and they have eyelashes! They are gray and brown on their uppersides and white on their bellies.

Seriemas aren't very good fliers, but they are great runners and can run as fast as 35 mph! They have an unusual call that can be heard for miles and sounds like a yelping puppy. They eat insects, birds, small mammals and reptiles. They eat small prey whole. They hold larger prey with their claws and rip it apart. They may also beat their prey on the ground or throw it onto a rock!

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World Status Key
Least ConcernLeast Concern Near ThreatenedNear Threatened VulnerableVulnerable EndangeredEndangered Critically EndangeredCritically Endangered extinct in the wildExtinct in Wild extinctExtinct
Status taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status, or there is no status data for the species.

US Status Key
Threatened in US Threatened in US Threatened in New Hampshire Threatened in NH Endangered in US Endangered in US Endangered in NH Endangered in NH Introduced Introduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

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Red-legged Seriema - Cariama cristata Least Concern South America
  Black-legged Seriema - Chunga burmeisteri Least Concern South America

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