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karner Karner Blues
Learn about the state butterfly of New Hampshire and the role one plant, blue lupine, plays in its survival. Learn more about the role land use plays in the survival of species and discover the role the pine barrens played in New Hampshire history.

moose Moose Round-up
Learn about the moose and how population impacts the survival of a species. Discover how scientists are using technology to learn more about wildlife. Learn how animals use a home range and establish territory and explore the history behind the names of some common New Hampshire animals.

deer  White-tails in Winter
Survival in winter is a real challenge for the white-tailed deer when humans interfere. Learn how feeding deer in the winter may do more harm harm than good.

osprey Project Osprey
Having a place to breed is critical to the survival of species like the osprey. Learn more about this bird and what scientists are doing to help the osprey breed and thrive.

tern Return of the Seabirds
The common tern has not been that common on the Isles of Shoals for the last 60 years. Learn more about how scientists are working to bring back the common tern to Seavey Island. Discover how coastal habitats are threatened by coastal development and what is being done to protect wildlife that lives in coastal areas.


Wild turkey Tracking Turkeys
By the mid-1800s wild turkeys had vanished from New Hampshire. Learn how the loss of the wild turkey from overhunting and habitat loss was reversed in the late 1970s through the efforts on NH Fish and Game.

Lobster  The Secret Life of Lobsters
They live on the bottom of the ocean floor, far from the eyes of man! Learn how scientists are using technology to peek in on the secret life of the lobster! Learn more about the role the lobster plays in the economy of New England and the role it played in the history of our region.

Tracking  Tracking Winter Wildlife
Put on your snowshoes and tramp into the winter woods as ecologist Sue Morris show how to find clues to identify signs of wildlife.

bat In Search of Bats
Not all bats want to live in our attics... the red, the silver-haired and the hoary bat are strictly forest-dwellers, often using the cavities of dead trees to roost or raise young. But for the types of bats that like attics -- and caves and other "hibernacula" -- the loss of historical structures and improved batproofing in buildings may be causing a decline in populations.

blanding's turtleTracking Blanding’s Turtle
The elusive, yellow-necked Blanding's turtle is one of New Hampshire's rarest, oldest and best-traveled reptiles. Some may walk miles to get to the right place for mating and nesting. The turtles continue to survive in a valuable wetland habitat that is constantly changing -- and often at risk.