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White-tails in Winter

New Hampshire's harsh winters take a toll on the official state animal, the white-tailed deer, since the state is at the northern limit of its habitat.  Some folks think they are helping the wild deer by feeding the herd but biologists from NH Fish and Game caution against this.  UNH grad student Matt Ross and Fish and Game biologist Will Staats study the deer and explain how people and the animals can live better together.  Follow Ross as he collects browse for his study, and learn about the Kilkenny deer energy expenditure study.

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White-tails in Winter

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... When a white-tailed deer is alarmed, it may stomp its hooves and snort to warn other deer. It may also "flag" or raise its tail and show its white underside.

... The white-tailed deer population has increased from less than 5,000 in the mid-1800s to over 75,000 today.

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