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Heliornithidae - Finfoots



 Phylum: Chordata
 Class: Aves
 Order: Gruiformes
 Family: Heliornithidae

African FinfootThere are three species in this family of birds. They live in marshes and swamps and have long necks, long bills, and long tails. They have long duck-like bodies that are 12 to 18 inches in length.

They are named for their slightly webbed feet that have puffy lobed toes like coots and grebes. They are found in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

They are good swimmers and divers and eat plants and fish. Although they are good divers, they usually forage for food on the surface of the water or on the shore. the bird in this family are very secretive and rarely seen.

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World Status Key
Least ConcernLeast Concern Near ThreatenedNear Threatened VulnerableVulnerable EndangeredEndangered Critically EndangeredCritically Endangered extinct in the wildExtinct Wild extinctExtinct
Status taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status.

US Status Key
Threatened in US Threatened in US Threatened in New Hampshire Threatened in NH Endangered in US Endangered in US Endangered in NH Endangered in NH Introduced Introduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

New Hampshire Species


 North/Central American Species

None   Sungrebe - Heliornis fulica Least Concern

Species Around the World

Location Key
Africa Africa Asia Asia Australia Australia/Oceania Europe Europe North America North/Central America South America South America New Hampshire Species NH Species

Masked Finfoot - Heliopais personatus Endangered Asia
Sungrebe - Heliornis fulica Least Concern North America South America

  African Finfoot- Podica senegalensis Least Concern Africa

Additional Information

Resource Key
profile Profile Photos Photos Video Video Audio Audio

Masked Finfoot - Heliopais personatus Photos Endangered Asia
The masked finfoot is found in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Source: Arkive Intended Audience: General Reading Level: Middle School