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Dasyuromorphia - Quolls, Dunnarts, Numbats, Tasmanian Devils



 Kingdom: Animalia
 Phylum: Chordata
 Subphylum: Vertebrata
 Class: Mammalia
 Order: Dasyuromorphia 


Tasmanian DevilThe animals in this order are marsupials and are found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Animals in this order include quolls, dunnarts, the numbat, and the Tasmanian devil.

The species in the order vary in size and appearance. Some are small and mouse-like, others are much larger and resemble cats and dogs.

The animals in this order are carnivores and insectivores. Most of the species in this order have pouches, although some have folds of skin instead of full pouches and one species, the numbat, lacks a pouch. There are three families in this order containing 74 species.



  Dasyuridae (dasyurids)
  Thylacinidae (Tasmanian wolf)

Myrmecobiidae (numbat)