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Animalia - The Animals

Polar BearThere are over 9 million species of animals found on Earth. They range from tiny organisms made up of only a few cells, to the polar bear and the giant blue whale. All of the organisms in this kingdom are multicellular and heterotrophs - that means they rely on other organisms for food.

Organisms in the animal kingdom have a digestive tract and digest their food in the interior of their bodies.

The organisms in this kingdom don't have cell walls like plants do. The cells of organisms in this kingdom organize into tissue that can perform special functions. The tissue can then organize into organs like hearts, brains, and skin!

Most of the organisms in this kingdom can move, and they reproduce with an egg and a sperm. Organisms in the kingdom are organized into groups called phyla. There are more than 35 phyla in the animal kingdom.

butterflyLearn more about some of the 500 animal species found in New Hampshire. You can learn about animals from the rare Karner blue butterfly to the mighty moose! You'll find profiles of hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arthropods found in New Hampshire.
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 Animal Phyla

arrow Annelida (segmented worms)
arrow Arthropoda (crustaceans, insects)
arrow Chordata (vertebrates, tunicates)
arrow Cnidaria (jellyfish, sea anemones, corals)

arrow Echinodermata (sea urchins, sea cucumbers)
arrow Mollusca - (squids, octopuses, clams, snails)
arrow Porifera (sponges)