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Project Osprey - Teacher's Guide

Episode Overview

Osprey Audubon Society of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and Public Service of New Hampshire are coming together to establish nesting sites for the threatened osprey. Their efforts are paying off as the number of nesting pairs is on the increase. Length: 7:28 minutes

Program Objectives

Students will:
1. Describe the steps that are being taken to help the osprey in New Hampshire.

2. Describe a typical osprey nesting site.

3. Describe the distinct characteristics of the osprey.

4. Describe the habitat of the osprey.


General Vocabulary   Science Vocabulary
emulate   snag tree
proximity   estuary
aerial   DDT
concerted   mercury



Previewing Activity

Ask the students to share what they currently know about the osprey.

Post-Viewing Activities

1. Have students describe a typical osprey nesting site and how artificial sites are being used to attract new nesting pairs.

2. Research the impact DDT had on birds like the osprey.

3. Research whether there are any nesting osprey pairs in your area.

Other Resources

Animal Diversity Web - Osprey
Information about the osprey.

Osprey Nest Cam
View of an osprey nest located on the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.