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Orectolobiformes - carpet sharks

Nurse SharkThere are 36 species in this order of sharks. They have flattened bodies; two spineless dorsal fins, an anal fin, five pairs of gill slits, small mouths that end in front of their eyes, pig-like snouts, and barbells or fleshy protrusions on their nostrils.

The sharks in this order are found in warm temperate and tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Some species lay eggs and some species give birth to live young.


 Brachaeluridae (blind sharks)
 Ginglymostomatidae (nurse sharks)
 Hemiscylliidae (bamboo sharks)
 Orectolobidae (wobbegongs)

 Parascyllidae (collared carpet sharks)
 Rhincodontidae (whale sharks)
 Stegostomatidae (zebra sharks)