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Bird Observation Form

Download PDF Form for Observing NH Birds

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Observation Date:


Distance from bird:


Number of birds:


Was it in a garden, at a forest edge, in the woods, on a lake, on the beach?

Description of bird:
Include the colors, patterns, marking of the plumage, size of the bird, shape of the bird, details of the bird's bill, feet, and eyes. You might also want to include a drawing of the bird or take a picture of the bird to help you identify it later.

Behavior of this bird:
What was the bird doing? If it was feeding, what was it eating? If it was in flight, how did it fly? Was it hopping? Was it interacting with other birds? Include as many observations as you can.

Vocalizations of the bird:
If the bird was vocalizing, what did it sound like? What was it doing when it was vocalizing? Was it perched on a branch, flying, swimming, etc