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Pycnonotidae - bulbuls

red-whiskered bulbulThere are about 125 species of birds in this family. They are 5-11 inches in length and are found in Africa and Asia. They have thin, downcurved bills; short wings; and a medium to long tail. Some species have crests on their heads. They are usually a drab brown, olive, or gray in color. Some species have patches of red, yellow, green, or white. They are found in forests and cultivated areas. They eat mostly fruits and berries, but they may also eat some insects. They are very active and are good singers!

The red-whiskered bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) is native to Southeast Asia, but can be found around Miami, Florida. It is thought that some birds that were part of a captive group at a tourist attraction escaped during Hurricane Donna in 1960! It is grayish on its uppersides and white on its undersides. It has a black crest on its head and red patches on its cheeks and on the underside of its tail. It is found in gardens, parks, and yards!

World Status Key
Least Concern Least Concern Near Threatened Near Threatened Vulnerable Vulnerable
Endangered Endangered Critically Endangered Critically Endangered
extinct in the wild Extinct in the Wild extinct Extinct
Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status.

US Status Key
Threatened in US Threatened in US Threatened in New Hampshire Threatened in NH Endangered in US Endangered in US Endangered in NH Endangered in NH breeds in nh Breeds in NH Introduced Introduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

  New Hampshire Species


 North/Central American Species

  Red-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus cafer Introduced
Red-whiskered Bulbul - Pycnonotus jocosus Introduced

Other Species Around the World

Africa Africa Asia Asia Australia Australia/Oceania Europe Europe North America North America South America South America New Hampshire Species NH

Golden Bulbul - Alophoixus affinis Least Concern Asia
Gray-cheeked Bulbul - Alophoixus bres Least Concern Asia
Finsch's Bulbul - Alophoixus finschii Near Threatened Asia
White-throated Bulbul - Alophoixus flaveolus Least Concern Asia
Ochraceous Bulbul - Alophoixus ochraceus Least Concern Asia
Puff-throated Bulbul - Alophoixus pallidus Least Concern Asia
Yellow-bellied Bulbul - Alophoixus phaeocephalus Least Concern Asia
Ansorge's Greenbul - Andropadus ansorgei Least Concern Africa
Plain Greenbul - Andropadus curvirostris Least Concern Africa
Slender-billed Greenbul - Andropadus gracilirostris Least Concern Africa
Gray Greenbul - Andropadus gracilis Least Concern Africa
Sombre Greenbul - Andropadus importunus Least Concern Africa
Yellow-whiskered Greenbul - Andropadus latirostris Least Concern Africa
Shelley's Greenbul - Andropadus masukuensis Least Concern Africa
Stripe-cheeked Greenbul - Andropadus milanjensis Least Concern Africa
Cameroon Montane Greenbul - Andropadus montanus Near Threatened Africa
Eastern Mountain Greenbul - Andropadus nigriceps Least Concern Africa
Western Mountain Greenbul - Andropadus tephrolaemus Least Concern Africa
Little Greenbul - Andropadus virens Least Concern Africa
White-tailed Greenbul - Baeopogon clamans Least Concern Africa
Honeyguide Greenbul - Baeopogon indicator Least Concern Africa
Gray-headed Bristlebill - Bleda canicapillus Least Concern Africa
Green-tailed Bristlebill - Bleda eximius Vulnerable Africa
Lesser Bristlebill - Bleda notatus Least Concern Africa
Common Bristlebill - Bleda syndactylus Least Concern Africa
Golden Greenbul - Calyptocichla serina Least Concern Africa
Yellow-necked Greenbul - Chlorocichla falkensteini Least Concern Africa
Yellow-throated Greenbul - Chlorocichla flavicollis Least Concern Africa
Yellow-bellied Greenbul - Chlorocichla flaviventris Least Concern Africa
Joyful Greenbul - Chlorocichla laetissima Least Concern Africa
Prigogine's Greenbul - Chlorocichla prigoginei Endangered Africa
Simple Greenbul - Chlorocichla simplex Least Concern Africa
Bearded Bulbul - Criniger barbatus Least Concern Africa
Red-tailed Bulbul - Criniger calurus Least Concern Africa
Green-backed Bulbul - Criniger chloronotus Least Concern Africa
White-bearded Bulbul - Criniger ndussumensis Least Concern Africa
Yellow-bearded Greenbul - Criniger olivaceus Vulnerable Africa
Chestnut Bulbul - Hemixos castanonotus Least Concern Asia
Ashy Bulbul - Hemixos flavala Least Concern Asia
Olivaceous Bulbul - Hypsipetes borbonicus Least Concern Africa
Seychelles Bulbul - Hypsipetes crassirostris Least Concern Africa
Asian Black Bulbul - Hypsipetes leucocephalus Least Concern Asia
Madagascar Black Bulbul - Hypsipetes madagascariensis Least Concern Africa
Mountain Bulbul - Hypsipetes mcclellandii Least Concern Asia
Nicobar Bulbul - Hypsipetes nicobariensis Near Threatened Asia
Mauritius Black Bulbul - Hypsipetes olivaceus Vulnerable Africa
Comoro Bulbul - Hypsipetes parvirostris Least Concern Africa
White-headed Bulbul - Hypsipetes thompsoni Least Concern Asia
Green-winged Bulbul - Hypsipetes virescens Least Concern Asia
Yellow-browed Bulbul - Iole indica Least Concern Asia
Buff-vented Bulbul - Iole olivacea Near Threatened Asia
Gray-eyed Bulbul - Iole propinqua Least Concern Asia
Olive Bulbul - Iole virescens Least Concern Asia
Spotted Greenbul - Ixonotus guttatus Least Concern Africa
Brown-eared Bulbul - Ixos amaurotis Least Concern Asia
Yellowish Bulbul - Ixos everetti Least Concern Asia
Streaked Bulbul - Ixos malaccensis Near Threatened Asia
Sulphur-bellied Bulbul - Ixos palawanensis Least Concern Asia
Philippine Bulbul - Ixos philippinus Least Concern Asia
Zamboanga Bulbul - Ixos rufigularis Near Threatened Asia
Sooty-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus aurigaster Least Concern Asia
Common Bulbul - Pycnonotus barbatus Least Concern Africa

  Orange-spotted Bulbul - Pycnonotus bimaculatus Least Concern Asia
Streak-eared Bulbul - Pycnonotus blanfordi Least Concern Asia
Red-eyed Bulbul - Pycnonotus brunneus Least Concern Asia
Red-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus cafer Least Concern Asia Australia
Cape Bulbul - Pycnonotus capensis Least Concern Africa
Gray-bellied Bulbul - Pycnonotus cyaniventris Least Concern Asia
Spectacled Bulbul - Pycnonotus erythropthalmos Least Concern Asia
Puff-backed Bulbul - Pycnonotus eutilotus Least Concern Asia
Stripe-throated Bulbul - Pycnonotus finlaysoni Least Concern Asia
Flavescent Bulbul - Pycnonotus flavescens Least Concern Asia
Yellow-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus goiavier Least Concern Asia
Pycnonotus Hualon Least Concern Asia

Red-whiskered Bulbul - Pycnonotus jocosus Least Concern Asia
Himalayan Bulbul - Pycnonotus leucogenys Least Concern Asia
Cream-striped Bulbul - Pycnonotus leucogrammicus Least Concern Asia
White-eared Bulbul - Pycnonotus leucotis Least Concern Asia
White-browed Bulbul - Pycnonotus luteolus Least Concern Asia
Black-crested Bulbul - Pycnonotus melanicterus Least Concern Asia
Black-and-white Bulbul - Pycnonotus melanoleucos Near Threatened Asia
Blue-wattled Bulbul - Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii Asia
Black-fronted Bulbul - Pycnonotus nigricans Least Concern Africa
Yellow-eared Bulbul - Pycnonotus penicillatus Near Threatened Asia
Olive-winged Bulbul - Pycnonotus plumosus Least Concern Asia
Gray-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus priocephalus Near Threatened Asia
Cream-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus simplex Least Concern Asia
Light-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus sinensis Least Concern Asia
Scaly-breasted Bulbul - Pycnonotus squamatus Near Threatened Asia
Striated Bulbul - Pycnonotus striatus Least Concern Asia
Taiwan Bulbul - Pycnonotus taivanus Vulnerable Asia
Spot-necked Bulbul - Pycnonotus tympanistrigus Near Threatened Asia
Yellow-wattled Bulbul - Pycnonotus urostictus Least Concern Asia
Yellow-throated Bulbul - Pycnonotus xantholaemus Vulnerable Asia
White-spectacled Bulbul - Pycnonotus xanthopygos Least Concern Africa Asia
Brown-breasted Bulbul - Pycnonotus xanthorrhous Least Concern Asia
Straw-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus zeylanicus Vulnerable Asia
Leaf-love - Pyrrhurus scandens Least Concern Africa
Hook-billed Bulbul - Setornis criniger Vulnerable Asia
Crested Finchbill - Spizixos canifrons Least Concern Asia
Collared Finchbill - Spizixos semitorques Least Concern Asia
Swamp Greenbul - Thescelocichla leucopleura Least Concern Africa
Hairy-backed Bulbul - Tricholestes criniger Least Concern Asia
Streak-breasted Bulbul - Ixos siquijorensis Endangered Asia
Black-collared Bulbul - Neolestes torquatus Least Concern Africa
Yellow-spotted Nicator - Nicator chloris Least Concern Africa
Eastern Nicator - Nicator gularis Least Concern Africa
Yellow-throated Nicator - Nicator vireo Least Concern Africa
White-throated Greenbul - Phyllastrephus albigularis Least Concern Africa
Baumann's Greenbul - Phyllastrephus baumanni Least Concern Africa
Cabanis's Greenbul - Phyllastrephus cabanisi Least Concern Africa
Gray-olive Greenbul - Phyllastrephus cerviniventris Least Concern Africa
Tiny Greenbul - Phyllastrephus debilis Least Concern Africa
Fischer's Greenbul - Phyllastrephus fischeri Least Concern Africa
Yellow-streaked Greenbul - Phyllastrephus flavostriatus Least Concern Africa
Pale-olive Greenbul - Phyllastrephus fulviventris Least Concern Africa
Toro Olive Greenbul - Phyllastrephus hypochloris Least Concern Africa
Icterine Greenbul - Phyllastrephus icterinus Least Concern Africa
Liberian Greenbul - Phyllastrephus leucolepis Critically Endangered Africa
Cameroon Olive Greenbul - Phyllastrephus poensis Least Concern Africa
Gray-headed Greenbul - Phyllastrephus poliocephalus Near Threatened Africa
Northern Brownbul - Phyllastrephus strepitans Least Concern Africa
Terrestrial Brownbul - Phyllastrephus terrestris Least Concern Africa
Xavier's Greenbul - Phyllastrephus xavieri Least Concern Africa
Black-headed Bulbul - Pycnonotus atriceps Least Concern Asia