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Dicruridae - Drongos



 Phylum: Chordata
 Class: Aves
 Order: Passeriformes 
 Family: Dicruridae

fork-tailed drongoThere are 23 species in this family. They are all found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Drongos are 7-25 inches in length and are usually black or dark gray with a green or purplish sheen to their feathers. Some species of drongo have crests. They have long, forked tails; short, stout bills with bristles; and short legs. Some species of drongo, like the greater racket-tailed drongo, have elaborate tail feathers. Males and females are alike.

Drongos catch insects while they are in flight.

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World Status Key
Least ConcernLeast Concern Near ThreatenedNear Threatened VulnerableVulnerable EndangeredEndangered Critically EndangeredCritically Endangered extinct in the wildExtinct in the Wild extinctExtinct
Status and range is taken from ICUN Redlist. If no status is listed, there is not enough data to establish status.

US Status Key
Threatened in US Threatened in US Threatened in New Hampshire Threatened in NH Endangered in US Endangered in US Endangered in NH Endangered in NH breeds in nh Breeds in NH Introduced Introduced
Status taken from US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game

  New Hampshire Species


 North/Central American Species


Species Around the World

Africa Africa Asia Asia Australia Australia/Oceania Europe Europe North America North/Central America South America South America New Hampshire Species NH Species

Pygmy Drongo - Chaetorhynchus papuensis Least Concern Asia Australia
Fork-tailed Drongo - Dicrurus adsimilis Least Concern Africa
Bronzed Drongo - Dicrurus aeneus Least Concern Asia
Aldabra Drongo - Dicrurus aldabranus Near Threatened Africa
Andaman Drongo - Dicrurus andamanensis Near Threatened Asia
Crow-billed Drongo - Dicrurus annectans Least Concern Asia
Shining Drongo - Dicrurus atripennis Least Concern Africa
Balicassiao - Dicrurus balicassius Least Concern Asia
Spangled Drongo - Dicrurus bracteatus Least Concern Asia Australia
White-bellied Drongo - Dicrurus caerulescens Least Concern Asia
Wallacean Drongo - Dicrurus densus Least Concern Asia
Crested Drongo - Dicrurus forficatus Least Concern Africa

Grand Comoro Drongo - Dicrurus fuscipennis Endangered Africa
Hair-crested Drongo - Dicrurus hottentottus Least Concern Asia
Ashy Drongo - Dicrurus leucophaeus Least Concern Asia
Square-tailed Drongo - Dicrurus ludwigii Least Concern Africa
Black Drongo - Dicrurus macrocercus Least Concern Asia
Ribbon-tailed Drongo - Dicrurus megarhynchus Least Concern Australia
Sulawesi Drongo - Dicrurus montanus Least Concern Asia
Greater Racket-tailed Drongo - Dicrurus paradiseus Least Concern Asia
Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo - Dicrurus remifer Least Concern Asia
Sumatran Drongo - Dicrurus sumatranus Near Threatened Asia
Mayotte Drongo - Dicrurus waldenii Vulnerable Africa